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Fin Fang Foom

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Fin Fang Foom is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appears in Strange Tales #89 (Oct. 1961), and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Making his debut during the Silver Age of Comic Books, Fin Fang Foom appeared during Marvel's period of post comics code experimentation with monsters, which would not be intregrated into the Marvel Universe until the Bronze Age of Comic Books. The character has also appeared in associated Marvel merchandise including animated television series; toy; trading cards and video game.

Stan Lee's inspiration for Foom's name was apparently the title of the long-running British musical comedy, Chu Chin Chow.

The character first appeared in a one-shot story "Fin Fang Foom" in Strange Tales #89 (Oct. 1961) and reappeared in Astonishing Tales #23 - 24 (April & June 1974). He was impersonated by the Midgard Serpent in Thor #379 (May 1987). His first story was reprinted in Marvel Monsterworks (1990). Foom eventually reappeared in Marvel continuity in Legion of Night #1 - 2 (Oct. 1991), and then made multiple appearances in Iron Man #261 - 264 (Oct. 1991 - Jan. 1992); 267 (April 1991) & 270 - 275 (July - Dec. 1992), and returned in Iron Man vol. 2, #15 - 18 (April - July 1999).

Fin Fang Foom Fin Fang Foom Fin Fang Foom Fin Fang Foom

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