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Judge Cassandra Anderson

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Judge Cassandra Anderson is a fictional character that started as a supporting player in the comic story Judge Dredd of 2000 AD and eventually rose in prominence and became the star of her own series, which is entitled Anderson: Psi-Division. She was created by writer John Wagner and artist Brian Bolland in 1980. Since 1988, Anderson has been written almost exclusively by Alan Grant, often working with artist Arthur Ranson.

Like her mythical namesake Cassandra (the sister of Paris of Troy: who seduced Helen), Judge Anderson has psychic powers. In addition to being able to sense approaching danger and foresee events of the near future, as did her namesake, she also has telepathy. This allows her to read other people's minds and use mental attacks. These abilities allowed her to be a member of Mega-City One's corps of Judges as member of the Psi Division, which includes all Judges possessing psychic abilities.

Originally appearing while the city was facing the first attack by Judge Death of the Dark Judges (a group of undead Judges from another dimension who seek to destroy all crime by destroying all life) she was instrumental in stopping the attack. She has since been involved in many other attacks by the Dark Judges, who even managed to use her as an instrument of their plans for a while. Despite her efforts to end their threat, which even included exiling them to empty pocket-dimensions, the Dark Judges always manage to return eventually, ever determined to fulfil their mission. Though both sides claim it as their mission to prevail, in time Anderson and Death have become personal enemies to each other.

Meanwhile she has become a prominent member of her Division and has gained the respect of Dredd, despite their differing attitudes. For instance, in the first encounter with Judge Death, Anderson eventually resorts to volunteering to become entombed in 'Boing', the tough but porous material, hoping to keep the fiend contained within her own body. As a result, Anderson was held in state in a place of honor with the designation, 'The Supreme Sacrifice'. This lasted until the Dark Judges had her freed to release their brother, and afterwards she returned to active duty.

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