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Silver Sable

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Silver Sable (Silver Sablinova) is a fictional character from Marvel Comics, a female mercenary, hunter of war criminals, the leader of the Wild Pack, and CEO of Silver Sable International. Though a legitimate mercenary, her methods and motives have sometimes brought her into conflict with other superhero.

Silver Sable first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #265 (June 1985). After that she made occasional appearances in various Spider-Man titles, often (but not always) as an ally. Marvel Comics began to publish the series Silver Sable And The Wild Pack in June 1992, written by Gregory Wright and penciled by Steven Butler. This series lasted for 35 issues, until it was canceled along with many other Marvel series in 1995.

After the cancellation, Silver made occasional guest appearances in various comics until early 2006. At that point a limited series began featuring Silver Sable and Dominic Fortune titled Sable and Fortune. Originally solicited as a six issue series, Sable and Fortune was shortened to four issues after the release of issue one.

The operations of Wild Pack and Silver Sable International drive the national economy of the fictional small European state of Symkaria. The name 'Wild Pack' had been used by the mercenary squad led by Cable for some time, until a legal notice forced them to change it to 'Six Pack'.

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