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A Toyol or Tuyul is a mythical spirit in Malay mythology of South-East Asia (notably Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore).

It is sometimes called the "Kwee Kia" in Hokkien. In Thailand, they are called Koman-tong (Male) and Koman-lay (Female). In Philippines they have a similar child spirit called the "tiyanak". In Cambodia they are called "Cohen Kroh". In South Korea called "Do Yeol". It is a small child spirit invoked by a dukun (Indonesian shaman) or pawang (Malay witch doctor) from a dead human fetus using black magic.

This creature can be evoked to work with a human under its own terms. There are different versions on the method to possess a Toyol:

# Purchase a Toyol from a black magician.

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Loss Homer Simpson 0 to 19
Loss Stephen Colbert (Character) 5 to 14

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