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Razor Fist

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Razor Fist is a Marvel Comics supervillain. There have actually been 3 characters, all virtually identical in appearance and ability, to go by this title. The original Razor Fist was killed off in the comic books many years ago. The next two characters to take the title were brothers. The current Razor Fist is the only surviving brother.

The first Razor-Fist was an assassin, bodyguard, and enforcer employed by Carlton Velcro, working at Velcro's estate on the coast of the Gulf of Lions, southern France. Velcro surgically replaced this man's hands with steel blades. Razor Fist battled Shang-Chi, and was accidentally shot to death by Carlton Velcro's guards.

Called Razor-Fist because of his fast punches, this man and his brother took the same title and pretended to be only one person. Each brother lost one hand in a car accident, which were subsequently replaced by long knife-like stabbing weapons by Carlton Velcro. Velcro employed the brothers at his mansion on an island in the Marquesas. The brothers were assigned by Velcro to hunt down Shang-Chi and Pavane. This Razor-Fist was accidentally shot to death by Velcro.

When the current Razor-Fist and his brother battled Shang-Chi, this one was defeated and captured by Shang-Chi and Pavane. Sometime after the first brother was killed the other brother (the current Razor Fist) lost his other hand. This happened in the Daughters of the Dragon mini-series. When he came up against Colleen Wing, she managed to sever his hand.

Razor Fist

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