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Rainbow Archer

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Rainbow Archer is a fictional supervillain published by DC Comics. He first appeared in Adventure Comics (March 1958), and was created by France Herron and George Papp. He is primarily an adversary of the Green Arrow.

Albrecht Raines is an artist who has seen very little profit from his work. To make ends meet, he began counterfeiting money using his creative talents, only to have them be spotted as fakes because of his poor use of color. He was tracked down by Oliver Queen, the first Green Arrow, and was forced to escape, leaving his entire operation behind. In retaliation, he crafted himself a set of several arrows of different colors (except green, which he despised due to his adversary being covered in it) and began a crimespree with two gang members named Joe and Iggy. Although he was able to avoid capture for some time, eventually he was on the run from the police. Realizing all too late that he could create a diversion with a copy of Green Arrow's green signal arrows, despite never crafting one, he was apprehended.

After his release from jail, he would cross paths with Green Arrow several times, usually acting on his own but sometimes accompanying other members of his nemesis' rogues gallery. At one point he was hired by a crime boss to take down the son of a magazine editor so he would print campaign articles for a crooked politician, but was captured by Green Arrow and Black Canary. He has since retired.

Rainbow Archer (Marion Locksley) is also the name of a villainess in the Champions Universe. In her original background story, her archery career was ruined by the US boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympics and she turned to crime.

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