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Dark Willow

CBUB Wins: 9
CBUB Losses: 8
Win Percentage: 52.94%

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"Two to Go" is the 21st episode of season 6 of the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Picking up minutes after the previous episode left off, Buffy, Xander, and Anya run through the forest as Xander stops trying to fight the need to throw up (again) after seeing Willow flay Warren alive. Buffy tells them that they have no time for remembering Willow's words "one down" meaning that she intends to go after and kill Warren's two accomplices, Jonathan and Andrew, who are still at the county jail for their attempted armored truck robbery the previous night. Xander asks why would Willow would go after Jonathan and Andrew for they had nothing to do with killing Tara, for Warren did it all by himself. Buffy says that Will has an addictive personality and could be at the jail already. But Anya tells them that Willow can only go airborne which is slower than teleporting, which she does by using her new vengeance demon powers. Buffy and Xander continue to walk through the woods and talk about Willow and what they intend to do with her. Buffy tells Xander that regardless of what happened, Willow killed a person for killing people changes people. She reminds Xander of what when down with Faith who turned evil three years earlier after she accidentally killed a man and that Willow's case is a lot worse. Xander, however, tries to justify Willow's actions by reminding Buffy that Warren was a cold-blooded serial killer of women just getting started, and on top of that, Xander still firmly believes that the murderous Warren finally got what he deserved. However, Buffy still does not believe that Warren deserved to die for murdering his ex-girlfriend, or Tara, but both Buffy and Xander agree that Jonathan and Andrew don't deserve to die since they never killed anyone. A minute later, Xander and Buffy arrive at Xander's car parked along a dirt road, which has been demolished, apparently by Willow, to prevent them from following her. Buffy runs off, while a self-loathing Xander walks behind her.

Anya teleports into Jonathan and Andrew's cell and tells them about Warren's shooting rampage, him killing Tara, and being killed by Willow who is on her way to the jail to kill both of them. Andrew is shocked by Warren's death, but Jonathan is only worried about himself. Willow attacks the cell but Anya and Buffy manage to slip away with the two men.

Having gotten Jonathan and Andrew out of their cell, Buffy takes them outside where Xander arrives and steals a police car, and the four of them drive off. Buffy tells them that they intend to hide them somewhere until they can stop Willow. Suddenly, the car they are in is smashed from behind by a large truck which has been magically commandeered by Willow. After a short chase, Willow begins to 'drain' of magic, leaving Buffy and Xander to drive away with Jonathan and Andrew.

Fantasy Teams Season 7 Record:

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Result Opponent A Score   B Score
Win Pinhead 11 to 9
Win The Wraith (Philip Ojomo) 15 to 3
Win Lestat de Lioncourt 4 to 3
Loss Imhotep 3 to 8
Win Dracula 7 to 4

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Loss Ganondorf 35 to 72
Win Conan Edogawa 69 to 29
Win Willow Rosenberg 51 to 31
Loss Illyria 41 to 78
Loss Zatanna 33 to 68
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Loss Callisto (Xena) 26 to 53
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Loss Gandalf 33 to 74
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Win The Visitors' Empire 17 to 3
Win The Charmed Ones 12 to 8