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Dynomutt, Dog Wonder is an American animated television series produced for Saturday mornings by Hanna-Barbera about a Batman-esque super hero, the Blue Falcon and his assistant, a bumbling yet generally effective robot dog Dynomutt, who could produce a seemingly infinite number of mechanical devices from his body. As with many other animated super-heroes of the era, no origin for the characters were ever provided.

Like most Saturday morning animated series' of the era, Dynomutt, Dog Wonder contained a laugh track.

Between January 2 and March 9, 2008, repeats of Dynomutt, Dog Wonder were shown on Boomerang. On June 4, 2009, Dynomutt, Dog Wonder returned to Boomerang and airs Thursdays through Sundays at 10am Eastern.

Millionaire socialite art dealer Radley Crown (a Bruce Wayne incarnate voiced by Gary Owens) and his mechanical mongrel, Dynomutt (voiced by Frank Welker who got the inspiration for the voice from the Gertrude and Heathcliff characters of Red Skelton), enjoy leisure time in their base of operations, Big City, until alerted by The Falcon Flash. They immediately dash for The Falcon's Lair (situated in Crown's penthouse apartment), where they switch to their secret identities, The Blue Falcon and Dog Wonder, respectively, receive the report via TV screen from the secret GHQ of secret agent F.O.C.U.S. One (voiced by Ron Feinberg, the tongue-in-cheek narrator of all 20 segments of Dynomutt Dog Wonder), and jump into The Falconcar and speed into the fray against assorted evildoers. In a coup not unsimilar to the 1960s Batman TV series, the first 10 minutes of Dynomutt ended with a cliffhanger wherein The Daring Duo, in the clutches of their foes, were subjected to a perilous fate which would be resolved immediately after the commercial.

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