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Fozzie Bear

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:For the heavy metal band fronted by Chris Jericho, see Fozzy.

Fozzie Bear is a Muppet, originally created by Jim Henson. He is an orange, particularly fuzzy bear who tells jokes and has a catch phrase, "Waka Waka Waka". Shortly after telling the joke, he is usually the target of rotten tomato and ridicule, especially from hecklers Statler and Waldorf.

Fozzie is very good-natured and he loves his friends. He was originally performed by puppeteer Frank Oz, although in recent years he has been performed by Eric Jacobson. In Muppet Babies, his voice was provided by Greg Berg, who also voiced Baby Scooter. Berg also voiced him in the ill-fated Little Muppet Monsters.

Though it is often believed Fozzie's name is a play on Frank Oz (F.Oz), he was actually named after Faz Fazakas, the person who created the mechanism that allowed Fozzie to wiggle his ears.

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