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Count Floyd

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Count Floyd is a fictional character featured in television and played by comic actor Joe Flaherty. He is a fictional horror host in the tradition of TV hosts on local television in the United States and Canada.

The Count Floyd character originated on the Canadian sketch show SCTV, but also later appeared on The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley (clips of which were used on Cartoon Planet), as well as Rush’s Grace Under Pressure tour.

As originally conceived, Count Floyd was the alter-ego of another SCTV character: Floyd Robertson, co-anchor of the SCTV News sketch, a parody of CTV National News host, Lloyd Robertson. The premise was that employees at this very low-budget TV station had to double up on jobs.

He was the host of SCTV’s Monster Chiller Horror Theater, wearing a cheap vampire costume and speaking in a bad stereotypical Transylvania vampire accent. Oddly, although he was supposed to be a vampire, he would also open each show howling like a werewolf, presumably indicating that Floyd Robertson had only the vaguest of ideas what a vampire was. Near the end of a howl, he would break off disarmingly into a weak chuckle.

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