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Tuxedo Kamen

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is a fictional character and one of the primary protagonists of the children's Sailor Moon metaseries. Named , he disguises himself in order to support the series' central heroines, the Sailor Senshi. Wearing a mask to conceal his identity, he interferes with enemy operations, offers the Senshi advice, and sometimes physically aids them in battle.

Like the Senshi, Tuxedo Mask possesses a power item like theirs: a Sailor Crystal, which gives him guardianship over the planet Earth. He also has psychic powers, including psychometry and healing, which evolve and become important to the storyline in the manga, but which play only a minor role and remain static in the anime. Along with his primary love interest Sailor Moon, a significant player in much of the story, he has royal credentials in the "past life" storyline as well as in the future.

The Japanese version refers to him as "Tuxedo Kamen" while the dub refers to him as "Tuxedo Mask" when calling this character by his codename. Chibiusa and Usagi, in particular, also commonly refer to him with the nickname "Mamo-chan". The English-language dub often shortens his name, "Darien" to "Dar" as a nickname, however this happens inconsistently.

Mamoru Chiba becomes the major romantic interest of Usagi Tsukino. The series often portrays him as stoic, steady and introverted. At a young age he lost his parents in a car crash. This blocked his childhood memories of his current lifetime and opened up the memories of his previous life as Prince Endymion. In the beginning of the series, dreams of Princess Serenity haunt Mamoru. Unaware of his dual-identity as Tuxedo Mask, he suffers painful headaches and visions whenever Usagi gets into trouble, and he transforms unknowingly into Tuxedo Mask. As Mamoru, he tries to piece together his strange dreams, and as Tuxedo Mask, he tries to remember his past and identity, while searching for Princess Serenity. Early in the manga he seeks the Silver Crystal in the belief that this will fully restore his memories. In the anime, he seeks it because Princess Serenity tells him to in a dream. Of all the characters, Mamoru gets brainwashed and captured the most throughout the series, probably because of his importance to Usagi.

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