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Tarantulas is a Predacon in the Beast Wars series who turns into a tarantula. Due to problems in trade-marking the name, later releases of the character were called Predacon Tarantulus by Hasbro.

The character of Tarantulas as seen on the television series was very different from how Hasbro originally depicted him on his tech specs. On the specs he was a stealthy ninja of average intelligence who liked to feed on humans, not a double agent or scientist. When Tarantulas was re-released in 2006 they changed his tech specs to more reflect the television series character. Ironically, while he seemed to be more of a scientist (and double agent, serving his own agenda as much as Megatron's, although he did like preying on animals), Blackarachnia was much more adept in the martial arts than he was. His weapons include his shoulder "legs" shooters and a missile launcher in his original form. In his Transmetal form, he used shoulder-mounted missile-launchers and a pistol. Sometimes he used webs and other alternate weapons.

Megatron refers to Tarantulas in "Nemesis part 1" as "Unicron's spawn". According to the Beast Wars writers, this is in fact proof that Tarantulas is not an ordinary Predacon. Writer Bob Forward has claimed that this was in fact meant to show that Tarantulas was descended from Unicron himself. This explains his assertion that destroying The Ark wouldn't affect him, because he and the council have different origins. The closest there has been to a confirmation of the link was in Transformers: The Ultimate Fan Guide. It was claimed he had dark science links dating back to the Chaos-Bringer. Although, whether this in fact means that Tarantulas is descended from Unicron is unknown.

Tarantulas was one of the original members of Megatron's Darksyde crew who stole the Golden Disk artifact from the Cybertron archives. A recurring gag throughout the series is his tendency to get squashed by something, usually a boulder. He has been known to attack enemies both physically and psychologically. He is often considered one of the most sadistic and treacherous members of the Predacons, a mad scientist in his own right. He was the one who infected Blackarachnia and Inferno with Predacon shell programs (and once Rhinox as well). In the case of Blackarachnia, he reprogrammed her from a Maximal Protoform with the full intention of her being his mate and partner. He later developed an obsession with the "She-spider" (as he often called her), because of how much she rivaled him in skills. However, when he was consistently betrayed and rivaled by Blackarachnia, he then took to calling her "Witch". Another attempt to create a spider Predacon failed because the pod had already scanned a fire ant, which resulted in Inferno.

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