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Judge Doom

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The following is a list of characters used in the Disney/Amblin Entertainment film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, including cartoon characters from other studios.

Eddie Valiant is a Californian private investigator, one of the protagonists. He looks like a composite of Peter Falk of the TV series Columbo and film private eye Philip Marlowe, wearing shiny brown suit and beat-up fedora above a craggy face.

In the original novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit?, Eddie Valiant is a fictional modern-day Californian private detective hired by comic-book star Roger Rabbit to investigate the workings of Roger's corrupt employers, the DeGreasey Brothers. When Roger is found dead, and his final words having been censored out, Valiant is soon sent on the case of tracking Rogers' murderers. This original incarnation of Eddie is a heavy smoker and has a beard.

The 1988 film gave more insight into the character of Eddie Valiant, who was played by Bob Hoskins. Eddie Valiant and his brother Theodore "Teddy" Valiant were sons of a circus clown (shown by the pictures on their desk), who joined the police force and eventually started their own private investigation service, Valiant and Valiant, in 1934, working largely on Toon cases, such as the kidnapping of Donald Duck's nephews in 1937 or clearing Goofy of accusations of espionage in 1940, both seen as newspaper clippings in Valiant's office. However, when Teddy was killed by the then-unknown toon form of Judge Doom in 1942, Eddie turned to the bottle, disappeared from the public eye, and became a regular private investigator. This is also the explanation of why Eddie shows hostility towards toons. He also doesn't smoke, but is a borderline alcoholic.

Judge Doom Judge Doom Judge Doom

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