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Zatch Bell & Kiyo Takamine

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Kiyo Takamine, known in the original version as and his partner Zatch Bell, known in the original version as , are fictional characters in the anime and manga franchise Zatch Bell! by mangaka Makoto Raiku. A Mamodos are beings from the Mamodo world and wield supernatural powers. The series begins when Kiyo's father sends Zatch to stay with Kiyo. Kiyo is revealed to be the Zatch's book keeper, the partner of the Mamodo who reads the words indicated in the book to allow the Mamodo to use their abilities. Kiyo is then dragged into the Mamodo battle where the last standing Mamodo in the Human World becomes the king of the Mamodo World. In addition to the main series, Kiyo and Zatch appear in the two movies spun off by the series.

Kiyo and Zatch were based on the design of a normal highschool student and a noble knight who combats evil. The knight however was changed into a cuter character. In the Zatch Bell! character popularity polls, Kiyo and Zatch are voted one of the most popular characters ranking in the top three. Plush dolls based on Zatch's appearance have also been made.

After Raiku's "Newtown Heroes" series in the Shōnen Sunday Super ended, Raiku looked at his old drafts he created in the past for an idea for his next series. One of his ideals was a mercenary who uses a giant sword to defeat enemies. After playing with that idea for three months, Raiku decided to abandon it and go with another idea.

Kiyo Takamine is a genius 14-year-old junior high school student with an IQ of over 180. His intelligence makes him a target for teasing and harassment causing him to develop an introverted and apathetic demeanor to the point where he skips school on a regular basis. However, his entire lifestyle changes when Zatch Bell arrives in his life. Due to Zatch's influence, Kiyo becomes more outgoing and eventually becomes popular in his class. Kiyo still has a bad temper and is easily irritated, often venting his frustrations on Zatch or his ditzy classmate Suzy Mizuno.

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