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Red King

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The Red King is a fictional character in the , introduced during the "Planet Hulk" storyline. He first appeared in Incredible Hulk vol. 3 #92 (April 2006), and was created by Greg Pak and Carlo Pagulayan.

Angmo-Asan, was the son of the great Father Emperor of Sakaar. His father Angmo was the soldier son of a senator, who became a general and waged the War of Empires that saw the creation of the First Sakaarian Empire. His father formed a treaty with the Shadow People and took control over the Death's Head Guards to save Sakaar from an alien threat in the Spikes War. In contrast, Angmo-Asan was a pampered child.who desired glory and power. Even at a young age, his father recognized the threat he posed should he someday take the throne, so the Father Emperor sent his warbound Shadow, Hiroim the Shamed, to assassinate the boy. The only thing that saved Angmo-Asan was Hiroim's unwillingness to kill a child.

Seeking to be respected and feared as a warrior like his father, he set out with a band of young Imperial soldiers to earn his military credentials. He was not born an Imperial Prime like his father, who was with that rare and physically powerful trait. To compensate, he used his wealth to have a powerful suit of armor designed for himself. He and his men razed a Shadow village during his so-called campaign, and finding a surviving Shadow girl after the destruction. he had her implanted with an obedience disk. She was a fierce warrior with the mythic Old Power at her disposal. With the obedience disk, all of what she was became at Angmo-Asan's disposal. Her name was Caiera. Stories of his exploits, which omitted such details as burning down villages full of people, earned him the title of the Hero Protector among the populace.

After the Father Emperor died on a hunting trip, Angmo-Asan took the throned and chose to be called the Red King. As party of the treaty with the Shadow People, Caiera became his warbound Shadow. No longer did she serve him because of an obedience disk. Now she had to because of her oath.

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