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The Commando Elite

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Small Soldiers is a 1998 American action/science fiction film written by Gavin Scott and Adam Rifkin, directed by Joe Dante and starring the voices of Tommy Lee Jones, Frank Langella, Ernest Borgnine, Jim Brown and Bruce Dern.

It was released on July 10, 1998 by DreamWorks and Universal Studios.

The Heartland Toy Company is acquired (and renamed Heartland Playsystems) by the multinational conglomerate GloboTech Industries, a division of Gannett Company which is expanding from manufacturing high-quality military hardware. GloboTech CEO, Gil Mars, pays a visit to Heartland to meet with Larry Benson and Irwin Wayfair concerning their newest projects, which involve the creation of intelligent, interactive toys. Irwin introduces the Gorgonites, peaceful, kindhearted, heroic creatures built for educational purposes, while Larry introduces the Commando Elite, a group of evil soldiers. Gil supports Larry's concept more (having rejected Irwin's concept when he heard the word "learn" used in his pitch), but complains when he observes a promotional advert for the toys, complaining that the toys cannot actually do what they can do in the advert (e.g. punch a hole through a box), so he tasks Irwin and Larry to develop actual live-action toys capable of 'playing back'. Although originally not interested in the Gorgonites, he allows them to be incorporated into the line of toys as the Commando Elite's enemies. In order to get the money rolling, Mars also orders drastic shortcuts in the production time, which eliminates testing periods for product safety. That night, Larry searches through GloboTech's hardware online database and decides to use an intelligent AI munitions integrated circuit to power the toys, the X-1000, which are put on production. Unfortunately, as it later turns out, these chips tend to enhance their basic programming, making them capable of evolving but also prone to over-dedication in their basic pursuits.

A collection of the toys is distributed to an old toy store owned by the Abernathy family, their son Alan signing off for the toys without his father's consent (his father does not want to sell war toys in his toy store). He and a delivery truck driver Joe investigate the toys, introducing the Gorgonites' leader Archer, and the Commando Elite's leader Chip Hazard. Alan's next door neighbor's daughter, Christy Fimple, visits the store with her younger brother, shopping for a birthday present for him. Alan falls in love with her, but he noticed that she is dating another boy named Brad (who is practically her first kiss and her ex-boyfriend). That night, Alan discovers Archer has somehow snuck into his backpack and quickly realises he is more than an interactive toy but a sentient individual, who is following his toy programming and trying to learn. The Commando Elite awaken, and seek to destroy the Gorgonites, seemingly destroying the ones present in the toy store. Discovering Archer is still alive, Chip and his squad manage to pursue Alan to his home and attempt to kill him and Archer. Alan is attacked by Nick Nitro, who he mortally wounds using a garbage disposal. The Commando Elite retreat to the Fimples' garage, where Nick dies in Chip's arms.

The Commando Elite

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