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Calvin is a fictional character, and one of the two principal characters in the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson. Calvin demonstrates a level of wisdom, vocabulary and humor unusual for a six year-old boy. However, in many ways he is typical for his age: he hates baths, fears his babysitter, disobeys, and is lazy and selfish.

However Calvin is also creative, and frequently loses himself in various fantastical worlds of his own imagining. On the rare occasion when he applies himself, Calvin's projects in school are very well-received, to his confusion or indifference. He shows little interest or success in interacting with any "real" characters, choosing instead to spend the majority of his time with Hobbes, with whom he frequently embarks on imaginary adventures, debates philosophical issues, plots various pranks against girls, and fights.

Calvin appeared in almost every Calvin and Hobbes strip printed and published.

Named after 16th Century theologian John Calvin , Calvin is impulsive, insubordinate, imaginative, energetic, curious, bratty, rambunctious, obnoxious, selfish, short-tempered, and intelligent.

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