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Psycho Rangers

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The Psycho Rangers are fictional villains in the Power Rangers universe that appeared in the television series Power Rangers in Space and Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. They were evil counterparts of the Space Power Rangers and served under Astronema and later Deviot.

Although various evil Power Rangers had made numerous appearances in previous Power Rangers series, the Psycho Rangers are the first recurring evil Rangers in the series as well as the first evil Rangers to be independent villains (previous evil Rangers were merely tools of other villains). Also, unlike other evil Rangers, each Psycho Ranger was given a distinct personality. Although they're much stronger than the Power Rangers, the Psycho Rangers are not good at working together as they are prone to in-fighting.

The Psycho Rangers were a team of five evil Rangers. They were found to be in the possession of Astronema, who would employ them to battle and destroy the Space Rangers. Astronema connected their powers to that of Dark Specter, intentionally causing him a great loss of power every time they battled. Astronema planned to use this to her advantage so that she could destroy him and usurp his position as leader of the United Alliance of Evil. Unfortunately for her, the Psycho Rangers were impatient and unwilling to follow her carefully laid schemes due to their bickering, and were destroyed by the Space Rangers before Dark Specter was destroyed.

The Psycho Ranger team consisted of Psycho Black, Psycho Blue, Psycho Yellow, Psycho Pink and their leader Psycho Red. In their first battle with the Space Rangers, the Psycho Rangers read their minds, learning each of their fighting styles and creating their own unique fighting styles designed to counteract the Space Rangers'. However, due to this technique they had to fight each of their ranger counterparts (Psycho Red had to fight the red ranger, Psycho Blue had to fight the blue ranger, etc.) and so T.J. discovered a way to confuse them by mixing up the colors. The idea was a success and the Psycho Rangers proved easier to handle, but unfortunately for Power Rangers, the Psycho Rangers were still deadly enemies when this strategy used, more so then they expected.

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