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Ultimate Wolverine

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Ultimate Wolverine is an alternate version of Wolverine who appears in comics containing stories set in the Ultimate Marvel universe. He first appears in Ultimate X-Men #1 and was created by Mark Millar and Adam Kubert.

Wolverine suffered from amnesia. As a result, what little was known about his early life was both suspect and unverifiable. It is believed that, at one point, Wolverine had a wife and child, but they were supposedly murdered by Sabretooth. As both Wolverine's and Sabretooth's memories had been tampered with in the past (most commonly by the Weapon X), this claim was highly suspect; however, Wolverine did own a wedding ring that served as his only link to his past.

Wolverine was kidnapped by John Wraith, a mutant-hating commando, and head of the Weapon X Project. His memory was erased and was given the fake name "Logan". He was often tortured and tormented by Wraith and his guards. It was during this time his skeletal structure was bonded with Adamantium.

While being deployed in the desert during the Gulf War, the vehicle he was in was ambushed, and Wolverine was set loose from his cage. He slaughtered the enemies and came across Nick Fury, the only other survivor, who was injured. Logan carried him back to base, though he was then shot and caged once again. Wraith was surprised that his "living weapon" still retained his humanity.

Ultimate Wolverine Ultimate Wolverine Ultimate Wolverine

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