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Kari Kamiya

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Kari Kamiya, known as in Japan, is a fictional character in the anime and manga series Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02. She is usually called "Kari" in the English versions. Hikari means light in Japanese and she bears the Crest of Light and the Digi-egg of Light.

She is partnered to Gatomon and is the younger sister of Taichi "Tai" Kamiya. Kari, by nature, is kind and pure-hearted, looking for the best in people and avoids fights when possible. However, she can be serious, especially in dangerous or difficult situations, and has a dark side that is used by her enemies. Lara Jill Miller provides her voice in the English dub of the series and Kae Araki does her voice in the Japanese version. Kari is eight years old and in the second grade.

Kari and Tai originally lived in Highton View Terrace (Hikarigaoka in the Japanese version) when they were young. They found a Botamon, raising it to a Koromon. This was the first encounter with a digimon for both of them. When Parrotmon attacked the city, Koromon (now Agumon) digivolved into Greymon and battled the invader in order to protect Kari and Tai. The destruction that the two Digimon caused was labeled as a terrorist attack, and Kari and Tai's family moved away. Witnessing this event would be the reason for their involvement in their first adventure in the Digital World.

During the episode entitled "My Sister's Keeper" in Digimon Adventure, Tai reveals that Kari had pneumonia when she was younger and nearly died. He recalls one incident when Kari was sick, but he, assuming she was feeling better, took her outside anyway and kept a watch on her as he kicked a soccer ball around. She later collapsed when he passed the ball to her; she was in the hospital for weeks and nearly died. Needless to say, their mother was extremely upset with Tai and slapped him for his foolishness. He expected that when Kari returned from the hospital, she would hate him, never wanting to talk to or play with him again. However, when Kari came back, she said that she was sorry that she didn't kick the ball right and that she'd understand if he never wanted to play with her again (in the Japanese version she said she was sorry for bothering him and making him worry). The incident, along with Kari's comments, made Tai feel very guilty; this is contributes to how protective he is of his sister when she falls ill in the episode.

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