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Mantis is a fiction character, a superhero in the Marvel Universe, and former member of the Avengers.

Mantis first appeared in Avengers (volume 1) #112 (June 1973), drawn by Don Heck. Created by writer Steve Englehart, the character may be unique in the fact that she later appeared (in slightly different name and form) in books published by other comic book companies, moving from Marvel to DC to Eclipse to Image and finally back to Marvel again.

Mantis is the half-Vietnamese, half-German daughter of Gustav Brandt—Libra—and was born in Hue, Vietnam. In her childhood, her father leaves her in Vietnam at the Temple of the alien Priests of Pama, a sect of the Kree. The Kree believe she might become the Celestial Madonna and mate with the eldest Cotati on Earth to become the mother of the Celestial Messiah, "the most important being in the universe."

She excels in her martial arts studies, but when she reaches adulthood, she is mind-wiped and sent into the world to gain life experience. She becomes a prostitute and barmaid in a Vietnam bar, where she meets the Swordsman. She helps him regain his self-respect and follows him when the former villain attempts to rejoin the Avengers. She became an Avengers ally when the Swordsman rejoined the Avengers, and she battled the Lion God alongside them.


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