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Thunder (DC)

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Thunder (real name Anissa Pierce) is a fictional superhero published by DC Comics. She was first described in Green Arrow vol. 2 #26 (Late July 2003) and first appeared the next month in Outsiders vol. 3 #1. Thunder was created by Judd Winick and Tom Raney.

Her father Jefferson Pierce (Black Lightning) and her mother Lynn Stewart did not want her following in his footsteps, and he struck a bargain with her: she would graduate from college before considering a career in crimefighting. She did, and the same night of her graduation she donned a costume and became Thunder .

Shortly after Thunder had started her solo career, she was approached by Arsenal, who offered her a spot on the new team of Outsiders. Reasoning that she could best learn the superhero trade with a team, she agreed to this offer and became an Outsider. Although she got along with most of her teammates, she seemed to come into conflict with Grace, a tough promiscuous bouncer, constantly. They were however quite effective as a team, and the two slowly came to a grudging respect between them; later on they became lovers .

Eventually her father appeared at the Outsiders headquarters, demanding her resignation from the team . Naturally, she refused and when the danger of Sabbac arose again, her father even decided to accompany the Outsiders . During that adventure, the two came to respect each other's abilities, neither having seen the other in action before, and Thunder was allowed to remain an Outsider.

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