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Dr. Drakken

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Dr. Drakken (born Drew Theodore P. Lipsky) is a fictional character from Disney's animated television series Kim Possible, voiced by John DiMaggio. He is the central antagonist of the show and Kim Possible's arch nemesis. He was first introduced at the beginning of the first season, in the show's pilot episode Crush. He is one of the franchise's most recurring characters. He is the most recurring villain.

He is a blue-skinned mad scientist and villain obsessed with world domination, and with proving that he is a genius. He also has black hair in a mullet hairstyle (kept in a pony tail) and a scar on his left cheek.

Dr. Drakken became a villain after being mocked by his friends at college for his mistakes, among them Kim's father, Dr. James Possible, formerly his good friend. Sometime between then and the beginning of the series, his skin was turned blue, presumably as a side effect of one of his experiments. In the final episode during the end credits, Professor Dementor asks him about this, and he begins to tell the story as the screen fades out. However, his explanation is cut short as the episode (and the series) ends, revealing only that the incident happened on a Tuesday. . In an ironic twist, in the final episode of the series, one of his plans managed to succeed, this one being to save the world from the threat of alien invaders. The irony was pointed out by Dementor at the end of the episode, who seemed to enjoy rubbing it in.

Although clearly a genius when it comes to science and schemes, Drakken lacks the common sense to apply them correctly, and usually ends up portrayed as a serial inept and comic relief character; nonetheless, his determination has kept him and his plots for world domination in the series. Drakken himself usually claims to be evil, yet there are instances in which he has shown a softer side of himself. On one such occasion, he grossly overestimates his evil size.

Dr. Drakken

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