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Vermin is a fictional character, a comic book supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe. The character's first appearance was in Captain America #272 (August 1982).

Edward Whelan was a geneticist working for Baron Zemo and Primus I (who was impersonating Arnim Zola). In an experiment with the Primus/Arnim Zola imposter, his skin became a light pinkish fur color and he ended up resembling a cannibalistic, humanoid rat. Vermin was defeated by Captain America and turned over to S.H.I.E.L.D.. He escaped S.H.I.E.L.D., however, and returned to the service of Zola and Zemo. Vermin was shackled by Zemo with Captain America in a dungeon; he battled mutates, escaped, and wounded Zemo.

Vermin later battled Captain America and Spider-Man at a street festival and was captured. Some time later, Vermin kidnapped women off the streets into the sewers, murdered and devoured them. He was defeated and captured by an insane Kraven the Hunter disguised as Spider-Man. He was forced by Kraven to battle the real Spider-Man, then allowed to escape; he was finally captured and turned over to the police by Spider-Man. Vermin eventually escaped the asylum, and attacked his parents at their home in Scarsdale. He was captured by Spider-Man and returned to psychiatric care. Vermin gained the ability to temporarily revert to his human form.

Vermin is not a typical villain in that he is usually a pawn controlled by another. He has the intellect of a child, and would probably never be a threat to anyone if not for the ease with which he is manipulated. He has often turned on the villains who have attempted to use him as a weapon against Spider-Man, Captain America, and Wolverine, as when he injured Zemo or when he turned on Bloodscream in the sewers beneath New York. Once Mephisto used him in a brutal attack on Nightcrawler.

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