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The Kids Next Door

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Codename: Kids Next Door, also known as Kids Next Door or by its acronym KND, is an American animated television series created by Tom Warburton and produced by Curious Pictures. The series debuted on Cartoon Network on December 6, 2002 and aired its final episode on January 21, 2008. The series came about as the result of a viewer's poll by Cartoon Network.

The main characters of the series are five children who operate from their high-tech treehouse against the tyranny of adults, senior citizens and teenagers. They make up what is known as Sector V of a worldwide organization called the Kids Next Door. The series ended in January 2008, but was re-syndicated on January 4, 2010-September 10, 2010.

Mr. Warburton created a pilot episode for another show, Kenny and the Chimp. Originally, there was a group of children who called themselves "The Kids Next Door" among the recurring characters, and would often get Kenny into trouble. The plotline was then changed to focus on the group of kids alone, and later, the kids battling adulthood. In 2001, the show's pilot episode, "No P in the OOL", won a Cartoon Network viewer's poll. As a result, Codename: Kids Next Door was greenlit to become a series and also aired on Adult Swim many times, the last being sometime in 2007 at 2:00 am

The episodes are titled as the Kids Next Door's missions, denoted as "Operation:" followed by an acronym which often gives viewers clues as to what the story is about. Every mission may or may not be chronologically ordered in relation to the previous or the next, but it's accepted that most of the time they occur in the order that the episodes are shown. Sometimes missions make a references to certain situations, or lead to consequences in another mission. Mostly in the earlier episodes, the stories were often about typical childhood problems, but magnified and exaggerated. As the series progressed, a bigger, more complex storyline developed.

The Kids Next Door

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