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Ragna The Bloodedge

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This is a list of characters in BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift.

:Character voice: Tomokazu Sugita (JP), Patrick Seitz (ENG)

The main protagonist of BlazBlue, also known as the Grim Reaper. He is feared by the NOL for being the most powerful individual to have ever rebel against them since the Ikaruga Civil War and destroying countless number of their branches which has labeled his as the most wanted criminal to received the largest bounty ever in the history of the NOL. He possesses a powerful form of Armagus called the Azure Grimoire (BlazBlue in the Japanese version), which is often either the secondary or primary target of those after his bounty. His ultimate goal is to destroy the Library for he blames them for killing his family. He is Jin's biological brother, whose rivalry with him stems from an incident that happened with their sister, Saya, who is presumed to be dead. His right arm is mechanical because his real one was cut off by Terumi who took control of Jin's mind. He was resurrected by Rachel as a Dhampir, causing one of his green eyes to turn red, and his once blond hair to white. The Azure Grimoire he possesses is only a fragment of an imitation, and the real Grimoire is actually destined to be wielded by Noel Vermillion. The name "Bloodedge" refers to the red jacket and sword given to Ragna by Jubei before he left; both items belonged to an obscure warrior, name Bloodedge, who fought the Black Beast in order to protect the people, and gave them time they needed to have the Six Heroes formed and ars magus developed. Jubei called him a friend and a true hero, and Ragna took on the title as Jubei saw in his student a great potential. During the events of Continuum Shift, Ragna has taken Noel into his care, and starts caring for her much like he did with his sister Saya. In Continuum Shift's true ending he absorbs Lambda's (Nu's) idea engine, though the status of it is unknown since he uses it to free Noel from the Murakumo armor causing her to be Mu.

Ragna's Drive, Soul Eater, steals health from the opponent.

Ragna The Bloodedge Ragna The Bloodedge

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