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Lucian is a fictional character in the film Underworld. He had a supporting role in Underworld, and later a protagonist role in the prequel Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. He is primarily portrayed by actor Michael Sheen, while actor Alexander Carroll portrayed him as a teenager on Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans.

Lucian was born a slave to an unknown captive werewolf. Born in human form, Lucian's Vampire owner Viktor initially intended to slay the infant, but decided against it when he saw in Lucian the possibility of creating a new race of slaves—a second generation of werewolf, (Lycans)--and raised him as his own personal "pet". First generation werewolves did not change back into human form until death and were little more than rampaging monsters. He was branded with Viktor's mark and rose to become the Lycan ruler (Under Viktor's command).

By the time Lucian matured the Lycans were kept as servants to the Vampires, acting as their guardians during the daylight hours. In return, the vampires locked them up at night, thus ensuring the survival of both bloodlines by not alerting the humans to their presence. Lucian's status within the Lycan slaves was a blacksmith, building weapons and shoeing horses for the vampires. He was continuously at odds with the slave masters (vampires), as he tried to protect his clan. He met Raze, a newly arrived human slave, and the two became close friends.

Lucian met Sonja, the daughter of Viktor when they were teenagers, and the two began an affair after they reached their adulthoods, which led to a secret marriage and Sonja's pregnancy. The only people who were aware of their affair before Viktor's discovery were Andreas Tanis, a vampire archivist who swore his silence of their secrecy and would aid Lucian's escape in exchange of Sonja's place within the Council, and Luka, a vampire servant and friend of Sonja. The plan was a success, but led Viktor to suspect Sonja of aiding Lucian which eventually led to the discovery of their affair. After Lucian was captured during a failed attempt to rescue Sonja, Viktor, who feared the blending of the bloodlines that Sonja's pregnancy entailed, had them both imprisoned. He then had Sonja tied up and exposed her to the sun which burned her alive, forcing Lucian to watch. When night fell, the full moon rose and shone down on Lucian, allowing him to change into Lycan form and escape before Viktor could kill him. Before escaping he managed to take Sonja's pendant with him, the sole monumental piece he would ever have of the love of his life. However, he was unable to escape Viktor's fortress's walls, instead being overwhelmed by Death Dealers. Lucian gave a loud cry and feral werewolves responded, attacking the castle and overrunning the vampires. Raze, along with both the first and second generations Lycans, arrive to aid the Lycan leader. Quickly recovered from his injuries due to his werewolf strength, Lucian engages in a battle with Viktor, intending to avenge Sonja and his unborn child. Despite the vampire elder being more powerful, Lucian used the vampire's aversion to sunlight to his advantage and then impales his sword through the vampire's mouth. Viktor fell to a river below but survived because of his regenerative capability as a Vampire Elder. The Lycans took over the vampires' stronghold in the absence of Viktor and the Vampire Council. Lucian knew that despite their victory, some of the vampire elders had survived and the vampire coven would rise again. His war was not over. Lucian later buried Sonja's remains from the chamber.

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