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The fictional villains of the television series Power Rangers Turbo (and the preceding movie, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie) were the minions or allies of the space pirate, Divatox.

Divatox is the main villainess in Power Rangers Turbo, and is known throughout the universe as the Queen of Evil, Dark Queen of Space, and the Beautiful Queen of Darkness.

Divatox is an intergalactic space pirate who leads a large number of cutthroats in her evil conquests throughout the universe. From her base, the gigantic fish-shaped submarine known as the Subcraft, Divatox and her minions travel about the universe plundering riches to satisfy Divatox's greed.

She is the daughter of , aunt of , and sister of . It is also implied that she is the twin sister of Dimitria. She is an acquaintance of Rita Repulsa, too; once she even talked to her over the phone. She wears contact lenses, and can fire blasts of energy from her eyes. She also has exhibited a lizard-like extended tongue, thus proving Divatox is not entirely human.

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