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Andrew Scott

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Universal Soldier is an American action science fiction film series started from the 1992 original same title film written by Richard Rothstein, Christopher Leitch and Dean Devlin, directed by Roland Emmerich, and distributed by Sony Tri-Star.

The main plot concentrates on the reanimated soldier, Luc Deveraux, portrayed by Jean-Claude Van Damme and Andrew Scott, portrayed by Dolph Lundgren. The movie has spawned 3 theatrical (Regeneration had a limited release), and 2 spin-off TV movies.

Universal Soldier is a 1992 science fiction film, directed by Roland Emmerich, and starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren as soldiers who kill each other in Vietnam but are reanimated in a secret Army project along with a large group of other previously dead soldiers.

Universal Soldier: The Return, released in 1999, was the second theatrical film in the Universal Soldier series.

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