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Old Man Logan

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Wolverine: Old Man Logan is an eight-issue storyline from the Wolverine ongoing series by writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven, published by Marvel Comics. It began in June 2008, ran through Wolverine #66-72 and ended in Wolverine Giant-Size Old Man Logan in September 2009. Set over fifty years in the future, it features a similar setting to another Millar book, Wanted, in which the world's supervillains band together to finally destroy all superheroes, and its premise can be compared to Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. The hardcover collected edition was published on January 1, 2010.

At the onset of the story, the entire United States has been overtaken and divided amongst supervillains, with territories belonging to The Abomination (later overtaken by the Hulk), Magneto (later overtaken by a new Kingpin), Dr. Doom and the Red Skull, who has named himself President. Heroes have been wiped out of existence, with the few survivors in hiding and scattered throughout the country. Logan lives with his wife Maureen and young children Scotty and Jade on a barren plot of land in Sacramento, California, now part of the territory known as "Hulkland." Logan needs money to pay rent to the landlords of this territory: the hillbilly grandchildren of the Hulk, who are products of years of incestuous procreation originating with Banner and his first cousin She-Hulk. In order to pay the rent, Logan accepts a job from a now-blind Hawkeye: help him navigate east across the country, to the capitol of New Babylon, and deliver a secret, illegal package.

Logan and Hawkeye encounter several diversions on their journey east. They rescue Hawkeye's daughter (who is the granddaughter of Peter Parker and appeared to be an aspiring hero herself), from the clutches of the new Kingpin, before she murders Kingpin and reveals her intention to overtake his territory. They escape a cluster of Moloids, who have gone about sinking entire cities from beneath the surface. And they are chased by a Venom symbiote-infused dinosaur (imported from the Savage Land) before being rescued and teleported by the White Queen and Black Bolt, who live in hiding.

Throughout the story it is said that Logan as "Wolverine" died the day the villains attacked and has refused to pop his claws since, even in a fight. Via flashbacks it is revealed that on the night the world's heroes came under attack by masses of villains, a group consisting of Mr. Sinister, Sabretooth, Dr. Octopus, Omega Red, Bullseye and many others apparently attacked the X-Mansion. Unable to locate his teammates, Wolverine was forced to slaughter the attackers to ensure the safety of the mutant children. As the last attacker was killed, Logan realized that the entire assault was an illusion created by Mysterio, and his perceived enemies were actually his fellow X-Men. This destroyed him emotionally and mentally, and he wandered from the Mansion never to be heard from again, his last action laying his head across train tracks to be run over. Logan notes that while this couldn't actually destroy him, it in effect killed "Wolverine" for good.

Old Man Logan Old Man Logan

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