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Garlic Jr.

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Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone, released theatrically in Japan simply as Dragon Ball Z, and retitled for its Japanese VHS and Laserdisc release , is the fourth feature movie in the Dragon Ball franchise and the first one under the Dragon Ball Z moniker. It was originally released in Japan on July 15, 1989 at the "Toei Manga Matsuri" film festival along with the 1989 movie version of Himitsu no Akko-chan, the first Akuma-kun movie, and the movie version of Kidou Keiji Jiban.

Dead Zone was licensed in North America by Funimation Entertainment and sub-licensed to Geneon Universal Entertainment. Geneon's dub used the same voice cast as the TV series did at the time, and was dubbed by Ocean Productions. For its television airings, it was retitled Dead Zone Vortex. AB Groupe, a French company that holds the license to the Dragon Ball franchise in most of Europe, licensed and dubbed the movie, which they re-titled In Pursuit of Garlic. This dub featured an entirely different voice cast and dialogue that didn't fit the mouth flaps. "In Pursuit of Garlic" aired on TV in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, and was sold on DVD in the Netherlands by Bridge Entertainment Group. In North America, Geneon's dub was released on VHS and DVD on December 9, 1997. Once their sub-license expired, Funimation re-released the movie on DVD on November 14, 2006, with a completely new dub done by Funimation's new voice cast; as part of a movie box set titled "First Strike", also containing The World's Strongest and The Tree of Might. It was also released, along with The World's Strongest, on Blu-Ray and DVD on May 27, 2008.

The movie begins with Piccolo being attacked and supposedly killed by a group of shadowed fighters. The movie then cuts to Chi-Chi along with her father, Ox King, and Gohan being attacked by an unknown group of warriors. Goku is out fishing during the attack and after sensing danger, he returns only to find his son has been kidnapped. The group responsible for the attack are Garlic Jr.'s henchmen, and it is later revealed that they were not so much holding Gohan ransom for any reason, but because they were after the four-star Dragon Ball that was attached to his hat. After retrieving the remaining Dragon Balls, Garlic Jr. summons Shenron and he immediately wishes for immortality. Shenron, never having to grant this type of demand before, grants Garlic Jr. his wish. A furious Goku arrives to try and take back his son, but soon discovers Garlic Jr.'s new power. Kami makes an appearance (which surprises Garlic Jr., who thought that his henchmen had killed Piccolo) and meets up with Goku, and describes a brief history of Garlic Jr. and his father Garlic. Goku then proceeds to try to find Gohan when he is attacked by the villain's gang, whilst Kami faces Garlic Jr.

After brief fighting, Krillin and Piccolo arrive to help. Piccolo gets revenge for being attacked earlier by defeating Garlic Jr.'s henchman Sansho, while Goku manages to defeat the other two henchmen Ginger and Nicky. Meanwhile, Kami is getting brutally outmatched by Garlic Jr., until Goku and Piccolo rescue him. And with Garlic Jr.'s newly obtained immortality and a new muscular second form, it seems not even Earth's warriors can take him down. But when Goku & Piccolo work together, two-against-one prevails, and Garlic Jr. is outclassed. Angry at his defeat, Garlic Jr. unleashes his ultimate attack, and bursting with anger, he opens up a portal known as the "Dead Zone" (hence the name of the film). Intending to suck his enemies into the void, Garlic Jr. becomes frustrated with Goku's ability to avoid the Dead Zone, and he decides to handle Goku himself, and later force him into the Dead Zone. Things looking extremely difficult for Earth's hero, Goku's son, Gohan, becomes enraged witnessing his father and friends in danger and releases his latent energy, blasting Garlic Jr. into his own vortex to be trapped for an eternity. Remarkably, in the end of it all, Gohan doesn't remember a thing of what happened, instead believing that his father defeated Garlic Jr., and with amazement, Goku figures his son is no ordinary boy, but one with a great hidden potential. At the end of the movie, Piccolo is seen from above, looking down on Goku and his friends and vows that one day, he will defeat Goku.

Garlic Jr.

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