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Masters Of Evil

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The Masters of Evil is a name for a number of fictional supervillain teams that appear in comic book published by Marvel Comics. The first version of the team appeared in The Avengers #6 (July 1964), with the lineup continually changing over the years.

The original Masters of Evil, consisting of existing Marvel Comics supervillains Melter, Radioactive Man, and Black Knight, was gathered by former Nazi scientist Baron Heinrich Zemo. Despite attempting to capture the Avengers with Adhesive X, the Avengers find an antidote, and send most of the members to jail.

Baron Zemo leads the team in his revenge on Captain America and his Avengers. The team had been joined by the Enchantress and the Executioner, who Zemo found in their exile to earth imposed on them by Odin. Wonder Man is created by Zemo and given superhuman strength with an ionic ray, but sacrifices himself to save the Avengers. Zemo accidentally dies in a battle with Captain America when he accidentally triggers a rockslide. The rest are then captured, with only the Enchantress and Executioner escaping.

The next version, organized by the robot Ultron under the alias of Crimson Cowl, consisted of Klaw. Melter, Radioactive Man, Whirlwind, and the second Black Knight (who joined with the intention of betraying the Masters). This incarnation made one more appearance. Ultron used this incarnation to blackmail New York.

Masters Of Evil

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