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The graboid is a fictional species that acts as the primary antagonist of the Tremors film series. As Suzanne Ferriss and Mallory Young explain, the "destruction of 'graboids', as they are quickly dubbed, becomes the central tension of the film." The creature made its debut in the 1990 film Tremors, and reappeared in its three sequels and the Tremors: The Series television series. The graboid is based on the Mongolian Death Worm, which is also said to be a giant worm-like creature that attacks animals, and possibly humans. Within the film world, it is store owner Walter Chang (Victor Wong) who names them. The only other person in the first film to use the phrase "graboid" is Val McKee (Kevin Bacon). In the second movie Earl Bassett (Fred Ward) recalls the name "graboid".

According to, "graboids are to the desert what sharks are to the ocean."

There are three varieties of Graboid shown in the films. The standard Graboid, seen in all four films, is a subterranean animal, resembling a gigantic worm or grub, with a serpentine body ,four massive, black, armored beaks on its head, and no eyes. It also has several spikes on its sides that it uses to push itself along underground. The juvenile form of the Graboid is about two feet long and looks somewhat similar to the adult form. The younger Graboid has a proper beak (without the three separate jaws that form the lower part of the beak) and lacks the trio of serpentine tentacle tongues. Also, since they are not strong enough to pull a victim underneath the dirt, they instead propel themselves out of the dirt with extreme speed to take down a moving target. These young Graboids are seen in Tremors 4: The Legend Begins wherein the characters refer to both juvenile and adult Graboids as "Dirt Dragons". Graboids are also intelligent and learn very quickly. For instance, in the first film, when two graboids discover that the bulldozer is too heavy to lift, they simply dig a trap in its path.

The full adult form is about thirty feet long. Graboids have a trio of long, powerful, snake-like tentacles, which are prehensile and have a reach of at least ten feet. Each of the three tentacles has a small, tooth-filled mouth and two horns. They often seem to have minds of their own. They die as soon as the graboid they belong to does.

Graboids Graboids

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