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Falleen is race of generally light-green, though they can change the color and hue of their skin to convey emotional states and affect those of others, human-like reptilian people who come from world of Falleen in Midrim region. Males of the race have strong pheromones which can attract women easily. The Falleen seldom leave their world. Notable minor (villain) character from this race is Prince Xizor.

The Far-Outsiders is the cryptic code-name given by the Chiss who inhabit the edges of the galaxy, for the extra-galactic alien force that began assailing the Unknown Regions in the years during the Galactic Civil War. They are probably the Yuuzhan Vong, who launched a siege on the galaxy from 25-30 ABY. The name "Far-Outsiders" is also used by the inhabitants of Zonama Sekot to describe the invaders that attacked their planet. The Far-Outsiders are referred to in the singular, but the Chiss named "Stent" once told Mara Jade that there were "a hundred different threats out there that would freeze your blood if you knew about them. The Ruling Families can't stop them; neither can any power in the region.", suggesting that the term "The Far-Outsiders" may apply to any unknown hostile race originating from outside the galaxy.

Nym, the Pirate from various Star Wars computer games (including the MMORPG "Star Wars Galaxies") was a Feeorin. It is said that Feeorins only grow stronger with age. There is not much detail available about this particular species beyond the character of Nym. However, it has been stated in several Star Wars novels and comics there are only roughly 1 million Feeorins left in the galaxy, suggesting a decline from a larger number.

Not a well known species, the only reference is in Force Heretic 1-3 and Rogue Planet. They have icy blue skin, whitish hair, and live on Zonama Sekot, a living planet. The planet provides them fleshy habitats constructed of its own mass.

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