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Karai (辛い) is a fictional character in several incarnations of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, where she is usually a high ranking member of the Foot Clan.

Karai (辛い) is a Japanese word commonly used to describe the flavor "spicy/hot". However, karai can also mean "extremely severe", "harsh", "strict" or "storm". (The word also shares the same kanji (辛) as the word tsurai which means "difficult", "painful", or "cruel".)

;Volume 1

In the Mirage Comics' City at War series by Jim Lawson, Karai is the leader of the mainstream Foot Clan in Japan who came to New York City to restore order. Ever since Leonardo killed The Shredder, the Foot faction in NYC has been in chaos, with different groups warring with one another for ultimate control, save for Shredder's Elite, who have been carrying out seemingly motiveless attacks on the other factions. Karai offers the TMNT a deal: if the Turtles kill the Elite, she will offer them a truce with the Foot Clan. After debate, the Turtles finally agree to seek Karai's assistance in dealing with the Elite. As they reach her skyscraper headquarters, they find dead Foot guards and the Foot's leader cradling the body of a dead girl. It is revealed that the girl was Karai's daughter, and in despair, she makes Leonardo swear he will help her kill all of the Elite. While Karai leads a troop of her Foot Soldiers on patrol, an Elite spies Karai and her band and is shocked, as she is wearing Shredder's armor and therefore is mistaken for him. During a final confrontation, five Elite face off against the Turtles, Karai, and her Foot Soldiers. Seizing the opportunity to confuse and deceive, the disguised Karai orders the Elite to commit seppuku, of which only one does; others are not so easily deceived. After a hard fight, the Turtles and Karai are the only ones left standing. Karai thanks the Turtles for their help, but they answer she owes them nothing but her word. "I will keep my word, Turtles. No longer will the Foot Clan bother you. We have our world... and you will have yours," she answers. Once the reorganization of the Foot in New York is complete, Karai will return to Japan: "There... I will spread the ashes of my daughter on Asana Bay and perhaps... begin the healing of my ravaged heart."

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