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The Weeping Angels

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This is a list of fictional creatures and aliens from the long-running BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who. It covers alien races and other fictional creatures, but not specific characters. Individual characters are listed in .

Note that some information on the page is taken from Doctor Who spin-off media, and that the canonicity of this information is often uncertain.

The Adipose are aliens composed of living fat, featured in the episode "Partners in Crime". Their breeding world was lost, causing them to turn to "Miss Foster", or Matron Cofelia of the Five Straighten Classabindi Nursery Fleet, Intergalactic Class, to create a new generation. She formulated a drug that would cause human fat (adipose tissue) to morph by parthenogenesis into Adipose children. The process is generally harmless to the host beyond the loss of body fat; in emergencies the process can be accelerated, converting the host's entire body, which is fatal to the host and produces ill and weak Adipose children. The official Doctor Who website's Monster Files feature states that the baby Adipose were taken into care by the Shadow Proclamation.

In the parallel universe created in "Turn Left", the Adipose incident happened in America instead of the United Kingdom, as London was destroyed when the Titanic crashed into Buckingham Palace because of the absence of the Doctor ("Voyage of the Damned"). Over 60 million Americans (roughly 20% of the total population of the United States) were killed in this timeline as a result.

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