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Hope Summers

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Hope Summers is a fictional character that appears in comic book published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in X-Men #205 (Chapter five of X-Men: Messiah Complex), and was created by writers Ed Brubaker, Mike Carey, Peter David, Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost and initially drawn by artist Chris Bachalo during the X-Men: Messiah Complex event. She is the first mutant born after the events of House of M and Decimation.

Hope was born a year after the events of House of M; she was the first new mutant born since the Decimation (where the Scarlet Witch cast a spell to turn all the mutants into regular, depowered humans and to make sure no new ones were ever born, leaving only one hundred ninety-eight left on Earth). The moment she was born, Cerebra exploded, and shortly thereafter the hunt for her begun. Her town was attacked by the Purifiers, who had used information given to them from the time-traveling Nimrod warning them of her arrival. Although all the children in town were murdered by the Purifiers, Cable managed to save Hope. According to him, the baby was the Messiah meant to save both mutant and humankind. However, according to the Purifiers and Bishop, she will become the mutant equivalent to the Antichrist and kill a million humans in six minutes, turning humanity against mutants once again, thus leading into a new era of mutant persecution - and creating the very time-line in which Bishop was born.

The baby is kidnapped later by the Marauders. Gambit quickly takes her away from Mystique, believing that she just killed her but he is amazed to see that the baby is all right and that it even cured Rogue. After a huge battle between the Marauders, X-Men, and Predator X, Cyclops decides that the baby would be better off with Cable, and allows his son to take her to the future. However, an adamant Bishop decides to track Cable and the baby in order to finally kill her and prevent his future from happening.

During one of the first battles with Bishop, Cable's time traveling device is damaged, so he can only jump into the future, instead of the past, when he needs to escape Bishop each time he finds them. After several jumps into the future, it is revealed that Cable has taken her to the secluded safe haven of New Liberty in the future, where Cable marries a woman named Hope, who is like a mother to the mutant baby. Finding relative peace there, he raises her with Hope until she's seven years old. But then New Liberty is invaded by humanoid insects who called themselves the United States Army, later calling themselves humanoid Blattarians. After spending months in the wasteland, the family is attacked by the president of the insects, whom Hope manages to save her family from by stabbing the insect in his weak spot, since she has been watching Cable fight. Cable questions the president where he finds out that Bishop, in order to find Hope in the future, has destroyed all the continents in the world and left them uninhabitable, except North America, in order to box them in, find her and kill her. Cable kills the president, and the family moves on. The family encounters a settlement, but are met with resistance. Cable takes care of them easily, but not fast enough, as her mother is shot and dies in Cable's arms while she watches. Hope sees Cable bury the closest thing she ever had to a mother and departs with him. After arriving at a church, the pastor asks the name of the child. In that moment, Cable decides to name her Hope Summers, in honor of her adoptive mother.

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