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Superman (Kingdom Come)

CBUB Wins: 9
CBUB Losses: 4
Win Percentage: 69.23%

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The Superman of Kingdom Come (usually referred to as Kingdom Come Superman) is a fictional character, an alternate version of Superman in the DC Comics universe. First introduced in Kingdom Come #1 (May 1996), Kingdom Come Superman was created by Mark Waid and Alex Ross.

The Superman of Kingdom Come first appeared as the main character of the 1996 Elseworlds miniseries Kingdom Come written by Mark Waid and Alex Ross with art by Ross, set in the future of the DC Universe. In 1999, The Kingdom a sequel to Kingdom Come written by Waid but without the involvement of Ross, was published. This series again featured this version of Superman as a central character. In 52 #52, the Kingdom Come universe is shown DC Multiverse becoming for the first time a part of mainstream DC continuity. Starting with Justice Society of America #9, Kingdom Come Superman appears as a member of the JSA. The character also received a solo one-shot, Justice Society of America: Kingdom Come Special: Superman.

Ten years prior to the start of the events of Kingdom Come, the Joker floods the offices of the Daily Planet with Joker venom killing all the staff except for Lois Lane, who finds a gas mask. Lois tries then to attack the Joker who fractures her skull in retaliation. Superman returns as Lois succumbs to her injuries and dies soon after. As the Joker arrives for his trial, he is killed by a new superhero named Magog. In an instance of jury nullification, Magog is acquitted for his cold-blooded act and Superman is appalled by the public embracing a killer as a hero. Already disheartened at the death of Lois Lane, Kal-El abandons his life as Superman, retreating to his Fortress of Solitude where he spends the next decade. During Superman's absence a team of new heroes, lead by Magog, attempts to capture the Parasite, which results in the irradiation of the entire state of Kansas and much of the surrounding area.

Coaxed back into action by Wonder Woman, Superman decides to return to Metropolis and re-form the Justice League. He manages to collect former heroes (including Green Lantern, the Flash, Hawkman, and Dick Grayson, now known as Red Robin, among others) and as well as some of the newer heroes who had risen during his absence.

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Win Superman 25 to 4

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