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Darken Rahl

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Darken Rahl is a fictional character from Terry Goodkind's The Sword of Truth series. He is the primary antagonist in the book Wizard's First Rule. He is the son of Panis Rahl, a ruthless dark wizard who had been killed by a wizard of the first order Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander. Darken Rahl is the current ruler of the land of D'Hara at the time of the story. He is also revealed to the reader to be the father of Richard Cypher, the primary protagonist in the story.

Rahl is portrayed by Craig Parker in the syndicated TV series Legend of the Seeker, produced by Sam Raimi.

Darken Rahl is described as slender and good looking. He has straight shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes. On his upper left thigh, and across part of his hip and abdomen, he is covered in bumpy scars. His scars, inflicted by a ball of wizard's fire that had killed his father, Panis Rahl, are kept carefully hidden by his robes. He typically wears a white robe that goes down to within an inch of the floor, its only decoration being the gold embroidery in a narrow band around the neck and down the front. He wears no jewelry, other than a curved knife in a gold scabbard embossed with symbols warning the spirits to give way. The belt that holds it was woven of gold wire.

The curved knife at his belt was used carry out his executions. Darken Rahl was a practitioner of an ancient form of magic called anthropomancy, which he learned from his father. He divined the answers to questions by the inspection of living human entrails. It was of limited use, he could at most get a yes or no to a single question and sometimes, a name.

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