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Lu Xun

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Lu Xun (183 – 245) was an officer of Eastern Wu during the Three Kingdoms era of China. He was instrumental in causing Guan Yu's downfall, but is most famous for defeating Liu Bei in the celebrated Battle of Yiling.

Lu Xun was born into one of the four most prestigious and richest families in the Wu district (Zhu, Lu, Gu, Zhang). Lu Xun began his career as a minor official under Sun Ce who was then still a general and provincial warlord. Lu Xun was soon given a minor post as commandant and civil officer, where he distinguished himself as both a skilled civil leader, and as a military commander. As a military commander, he pacified south eastern tribes of Yue and brought them within the Chinese influence. As a civil official, he was successful in integrating northern refugees and minorities into the social and economic structure of Wu.

In 208, the allied forces of Sun Quan and Liu Bei defeated the powerful warlord Cao Cao at the Battle of Chibi, halting Cao Cao's southern expansion and cementing Wu's place in the Three Kingdoms. Liu Bei, however, controlled virtually no land at the time, so Sun Quan agreed to lend Liu Bei the province of Jing until such time as Liu managed to take the lands of Shu. By 219, Liu Bei had taken Shu, but balked at returning Jing. Guan Yu, a general under Liu Bei, who was appointed the governor of Jing province, was, in some measures, an arrogant man who provoked some of his subordinates, including Liu Bei's brother-in-law, Mi Fang.

An opportunity presented itself when Guan Yu began a campaign against Cao Wei in the north, leaving his eastern front undermanned.

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