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Power Rangers (RPM)

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The RPM Power Rangers (or Ranger Operators), are the eponym protagonists of the 2009 Power Rangers television series Power Rangers RPM. Set in a post-apocalyptic future where a computer virus called Venjix has taken over the world, the RPM Power Rangers protect the city of Corinth, the last human outpost from destruction. Each Ranger has an "operation number" sewn on the Ranger's jacket, or leg, in the case of Gold and Silver.

Scott Truman is the Ranger Operator Series Red, alternately referred to as Ranger Red. His operation number is one. He is the stubborn-headed and slightly cocky leader of the RPM team with a love of fast cars. He takes his job as leader of the Rangers seriously, and tends not to trust new recruits until they've made an effort to earn said trust. He does, however, make an effort to help keep the team together if there ever seems to be an issue.

Prior to the present day, Scott served as a pilot in the Air Force defenses during the battle for Corinth city, using the codename Eagle 2. He was often overshadowed by his more talented and more experienced older brother, Marcus Truman, codenamed Eagle 1. His father, Colonel Mason Truman, often wanted him to act as a support to his brother as he believed that Scott was not ready to handle the front lines. During the battle of Corinth, both brothers were shot down. Scott managed to eject in time and was rescued by Summer, but his brother was killed. At some point during the following year, he was chosen to be a Ranger, using technology designed by Dr. K to keep Corinth safe and stop any assaults by Venjix.

Dillon and Ziggy began associating with the team around this time, to Scott's initial disapproval, as he was at first convinced that Dillon was neither trustworthy nor capable of handling the Series Black tech. After several initial spats, Dillon proved to Scott that he could be trusted, but Scott was equally offput by Ziggy taking the Series Green tech not long after, especially since Ziggy didn't come close to meeting any of the basic physical or skill requirements needed to become a Ranger. However, with the two additional Rangers now being necessary to stop more extravagant plans by Venjix, Scott is, at the very least, accepting of their contributions. Despite this, or perhaps in compensation for this, Scott has since developed something of a rivalry with Dillon, due to their similarly stubborn, dominating personalities and Dillon's defiant tendencies. The pair are often seen trying to outdo the other, especially when it comes to their cars.

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