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Two-Gun Kid

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The Two-Gun Kid (Matthew J. "Matt" Hawkins) is a fictional character, a cowboy gunslinger in the Wild West of Marvel Comics' shared universe, the Marvel Universe.

There have been two comic book western heroes called the Two-Gun Kid. The original Two-Gun Kid, Clay Harder, was Marvel's first continuing western character, appearing in Two-Gun Kid #1 (1948) and continuing off and on until 1962, with Joe Sinnott being the last artist to draw the original Kid on a regular basis. The second Two-Gun Kid, Matt Liebowicz (alias "Matt Hawk"—the Liebowicz name was eventually retcon in to replace the original "Hawk"), first appeared in Two-Gun Kid #60 (1962). The latter Kid is better known today, thanks primarily to his connection with and later full integration into the Marvel Universe, not to mention simply being more recent, but the earlier Kid enjoyed a prolific 14-year life span in comics. Two-Gun Kid #60 retcon the Clay Harder character out of existence, turning him into a dime novel character (at a time when comics had just gone up in price from a dime to twelve cents). The two Kids wore different outfits: Clay Harder had bright blond hair and wore an all-black suit with a plackard shirt, a broad-brimmed black hat, and packed two long-barreled pistols with individual overlapping gun belts, while Matt Hawk wore a similar outfit only with an orange-and-black spotted vest, a slightly narrower-brimmed hat, two pistols on a single gun belt, and a black mask covering the top half of his face in the Zorro style. At one point later in the second series, some of the original Kid's adventures were retouched to make him look like the newer Kid for reprints. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, creators of the Fantastic Four, concocted the new Kid to make the character resemble a superhero with a secret identity in order to stimulate sales for the title.

The character appears in 2010's Rawhide Kid: The Sensational Seven.

The character's original name was "Matt Hawk" but this was later retcon into "Matt Liebowicz." What follows is the current version of the character's biography: Matt Liebowicz was a lawyer from Boston, Massachusetts who was inspired to fight evil as a masked crimefighter of the 19th Century American West by the stories of the fictional "Two-Gun Kid", Clay Harder. After being trained in combat by the gunfighter Ben Dancer, Liebowicz assumed the dual identities of "Matt Hawk" and the Two-Gun Kid. With his horse Cyclone, his partner "Boom Boom" Brown, and a pair of pistols, he became one of the West's most prolific heroes, often teaming up with the Rawhide Kid, Kid Colt or the Phantom Rider. In one of his first adventures he fought an alien, and in other early outings he fought criminals who could only be called supervillain. During one adventure, he was brought to the present day via time travel and joined the superhero team of The Avengers. He fought alongside them before leaving to wander America alongside his teammate Hawkeye, and eventually returned to his own time, occasionally making a cameo appearance in other Western tales or stories of time travel.

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