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All-Winners Squad

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The All-Winners Squad is a fictional superhero team in the Marvel Comics universe. The company's first such team, it first appeared in All Winners Comics #19 (Fall 1946). While the comic-book title has no hyphen, Marvel's official handbook spells the team name "All-Winners Squad", with a hyphen.

The All-Winners Squad was created for Marvel predecessor Timely Comics in 1946, near the end of the Golden Age of Comic Books. It consisted of Captain America and sidekick Bucky; the Human Torch and sidekick Toro; the Sub-Mariner; super-speedster the Whizzer; and Miss America. Timely previously had a non-superhero team of detectives, the 3Xs.

While the super-team made only two Golden Age appearances — in All Winners Comics #19 (Fall 1946) and #21 (Winter 1946; there was no issue #20) — it reacquired fan interest upon their being reprinted by Marvel during the 1960s Silver Age of Comic Books.

The first appearance of the All-Winners Squad, titled "The Crime of the Ages", was written by Bill Finger. Its seven chapters were pencilled variously by Vince Alascia, Al Avison, Bob Powell, and Syd Shores, and inked by Avison, Alascia, Powell, Allen Bellman, Al Gabriele, and Don Rico.

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