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Stilt Man

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Stilt-Man is the name of two supervillains in Marvel Comics.

Stilt-Man first appeared in Daredevil vol. 1 #8 and was one of his earliest enemies. He is a criminal wearing a suit of armor with powerful telescopic legs (useful for high-story heists).

The character did not age well, as his powers were more a curiosity than a real threat. As of 2008, Stilt-Man is seen as a mere footnote and as an example of the arguably weird rogues' gallery Daredevil had in his early, pre-Frank Miller days — indeed, during Miller's Daredevil run, Stilt-Man was portrayed as a miserable loser.

Wilbur Day was born in New York City. As a scientist, inventor, and engineer, he was employed by Carl Kaxton, who invented a hydraulic ram device. Wilbur stole Kaxton's designs and used them to engineer a pair of extremely long, telescopic metal legs, which allowed him to tower high over the ground. He incorporated these hydraulic stilts into armored battlesuit, which he created for use in robberies as the professional criminal Stilt-Man. He battled Daredevil, and was seemingly shrunk into nothingness when he was accidentally hit by an experimental molecular condenser ray. His return from the limbo-like "microverse" was later recounted, and he attempted to help Leap-Frog escape from custody. Stilt-Man was defeated by Daredevil again, but was helped to escape by the Masked Marauder. Stilt-Man teamed with the Masked Marauder in an attempt to trap Daredevil; however, he battled Spider-Man and was defeated by Daredevil. His escape from Daredevil aided by Electro was later recounted. Stilt-Man teamed with Electro, Matador, Leap-Frog, and Gladiator to form the original Emissaries of Evil and battle Daredevil. Stilt-Man was later hired by mobsters to kill district attorney candidate Foggy Nelson, and battled Daredevil once again. He disguised himself as Stunt-Master, and attacked Daredevil on a Hollywood movie set. In San Francisco, he kidnapped his former employer Carl Kaxton and his daughter, to force him to recreate his molecular condenser. However, Stilt-Man battled and was defeated by Daredevil and the Black Widow.

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