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Nina Williams

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is a character from Namco's Tekken game series. She is known to be a cold-blooded assassin who had made her very first appearance in the original Tekken game and since has appeared in every Tekken game released . She is one of only four Tekken characters to appear in each game along with Yoshimitsu, Paul Phoenix and Heihachi Mishima and the only female character to have appeared in every installment. She is known to have an unstable relationship with her younger sister, Anna Williams.

Nina Williams is known for her lethal fighting styles, consisting of many martial arts and fighting skills . Due to the success of the character, Nina Williams starred in her own spin-off game, Death by Degrees.

Nina Williams was born and raised in Ireland, as was her sister, Anna Williams . From a young age, both were taught various forms of martial arts and other forms of fighting , and a sibling rivalry broiled between the two. Both sisters admired their father, Richard Williams, and they often craved for his attention. Williams was trained in assassination martial arts and borrows concepts from Aikido and bone martial arts , making it ideal for her future job as an assassin. As she quickly became an assassin Williams had later been hired during the King of Iron Fist Tournament to assassinate Heihachi Mishima.

Their rivalry catapulting was the part of force that drove them to fight each other later at this time. The other, in Tekken 2, Nina was contracted to kill Kazuya Mishima, but Anna intervened and the conflict prevented her from fulfilling the assignment. She was captured by Mishima after failing to assassinate him and was used as a test subject in the "cold sleep" project by Dr. Boskonovich Anna Williams volunteered to be put in cryogenic sleep, but demanded to be awoken at the same time as Nina. Fans speculate about the reason for this. Some believe that Anna couldn't bear life without Nina's presence, some suggest she was envious that Nina would remain youthful in the Cryosleep and some think she did it so that she could stay unharmed and ready to fight Nina once she was awakened. The experiments went on for 19 years .

Nina Williams Nina Williams Nina Williams Nina Williams

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