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Dean Winchester

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Dean Winchester is a fictional character from The CW Television Network's Supernatural, portrayed by Jensen Ackles. He hunts demon, spirit and other supernatural creatures with his brother, Sam.

Dean comes from a long line of hunters dating back to at least the early 17th century where his ancestors were hacking the heads of vampires on the Mayflower. Dean was born January 24, 1979 to John and Mary Winchester. He is the couple's older child, and has two siblings, Sam, who is four years younger, and Adam, the illegitimate son of John Winchester and a woman he saved. This half brother is discovered in the fourth season in the episode "Jump the Shark". Dean was named after his maternal grandmother Deanna Campbell (and possibly himself, as seen in the episode "In the Beginning"), while his brother was named after his maternal grandfather, Samuel Campbell.

Dean drives a black four-door hardtop 1967 Chevy Impala (given to him by his father), and is a fan of classic rock music and heavy metal. He says his favorite song is a tie between Led Zeppelin's "Ramble On" and "Traveling Riverside Blues."

Until recently, Dean always wore a metal amulet , on a long black cloth band necklace. In "A Very Supernatural Christmas," the necklace is revealed to have been a gift from Sam on Christmas Day, 1991. The amulet was originally meant for John and obtained from Bobby Singer, but after their father failed to come home for Christmas (as always), Sam gave it to Dean instead, saying "Dad lied to me; I want you to have it," because Dean had tried to give him a good Christmas. In Season 5, it was revealed that the amulet can detect God's presence; Castiel borrows it from Dean to track God on Earth. After finding out in "Dark Side of the Moon" that God refuses to help in the fight against Lucifer, Castiel returns it to Dean, who drops it into a trashcan.

Dean Winchester Dean Winchester Dean Winchester

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