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Predator X

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Predator X is a comic book character, in Marvel Comics' main shared universe. The character is an adversary of Marvel's mutant characters, including the X-Men.

After learning of Emma Frost's plan to have X-23 leave the school, Cessily Kincaid takes X-23 to Salem Center for coffee to cool Laura down. Facility agents, led by the Weapon Plus program including X-23's former handler Kimura, come for one of them. Laura, believing it is her, begs Cessily to leave, but not before Kimura shoots Cessily with an electric bullet, stopping her from doing anything, and stating that they were actually there for Cessily. After capturing her, Kimura leaves before Laura can recuperate from the grenade blast. At the lab, Cessily questions who they are and what they want but is given no answers. When she replies that her friends will come for her, Kimura informs that "The Elephant" said the same thing while showing her a picture of his corpse in a cell. Stryker, before dying, had requested a living weapon to combat the coming of the mutant Anti-Christ, predicted by Nimrod. Three huge beasts called "Predator X" were created and Mercury's metal skin was needed to give them more durability and powers. Gruesome experiments partly stripped the girl of the needed biometal, granting the beasts her powers and leaving her in extreme pain. Two of the beasts are killed, one by the *O*N*E* Sentinels, the other by X-23 and the third escaped. The experiments left her physically and mentally traumatized.

The Purifiers begun tracking Predator X, in hopes of using it as a weapon against their mutant enemies and William Stryker's predicted "Anti-Christ" in particular. It was shown to have killed and eaten a rodent-like American mutant. Horribly scarred by Dust's attack, Matthew Risman is fixated on training Predator X to seek out and kill Sooraya by using abaya and niqāb bearing some recognizable quality of hers (possibly her scent). While being trained to seek out and kill Dust, Predator X senses the mutant it was originally created to destroy, turns and heads off to find it and the Purifiers follow.

Predator X arrived in Cooperstown, Alaska looking for the child with the X-Gene, pausing to feast upon the bodies of Blockbuster and Prism. Predator X continued its search, devouring an unnamed fire-breathing mutant, and later the mutant known as Peepers.

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