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Flippy (Happy Tree Friends)

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This is a list of fictional character from Happy Tree Friends. There are 22 main characters, and some other supporting characters.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the series in 2010, the creators of Happy Tree Friends announced that there will be more than one more character added to Happy Tree Friends in the near future. These were later revealed to be a sheep named Lammy and her companion Mr. Pickels, as well as a pig named Truffles. A vote took place during the month of March and the winner was Lammy and her Mr. Pickels, who joined the show in its latest episode. While Truffles lost the vote, it is currently uncertain about what Mondo Media will do with him.

Cro-Marmot is a light green marmot frozen in a block of ice. He is somehow able to perform many tasks off screen while entirely encased in ice, such as throwing snowballs, somewhat akin to how Handy can perform construction and other tasks without any visible hands. To keep himself frozen, Cro-Marmot stays mainly in cold areas, and sometimes drives an ice cream truck. He lives in a small igloo encased inside a giant snow globe. His hobbies include serving people ice cream, snowboarding, and surfing. He rarely dies in the series, the reason being that the ice he is usually encased in protects him from disaster, thereby rendering him almost invulnerable to most unfortunate events.

The only episode in which he is not frozen and dies is "Dino-Sore Days", as it occurred during the prehistoric times when he was unfrozen. Cro-Marmot usually appears in the series as a background character, and has hardly any showcase appearances. In a featurette of the "Second Serving" DVD, he was interviewed, and it was revealed he is an accomplished writer, painter, and pianist, has his own brand of foot powder, known for his loud antics and energetic performances. The first part of his name is extracted from the word, Cro-Magnon.

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