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Demogoblin is a fictional character appearing in the Marvel Comics universe. He first appeared as Demogoblin in Web of Spider-Man #86 (March 1992), and had previously appeared as an unnamed demon in Spectacular Spider-Man #147.

Demogoblin was originally an unnamed demon who inhabited Limbo and was banished there eons ago for unknown reasons. His essence was fused with the Hobgoblin (Jason Macendale) when Jason asked N'astirh for more power in exchange for his soul. As a part of Hobgoblin, he infected Moon Knight with a demonic virus that would slowly mutate him. As part of Hobgoblin, he fought the Ghost Rider and John Blaze, and was defeated by Blaze's hellfire gun and Ghost Rider's mystical chain. Hobgoblin quickly realized being possessed by a demon was less than beneficial, and thanks to the effects of the hellfire and mystical chain, managed to expel his demon half, creating the Demogoblin, a darker, mystical version of the Hobgoblin persona.

Demogoblin believes himself to be on a holy mission, and kills everyone whom he deemed a sinner. However, his definition of sinner is extreme and excludes only children. He often tries to kill heroes and even holy men. He claims that he is a member of a demonic group known as the 'Righteous,' demons who sought redemption for their sins as self-proclaimed servants of the Lord by exterminating other demons and destroying evil wherever they found it.

Once freed from the Hobgoblin, Demogoblin next fought and was defeated by Spider-Man and Macendale, as the Hobgoblin. He then joined with the Spider-Man doppelganger tried to kill the Hobgoblin, but they retreated under the sewer depths when opposed by Spider-Man,Venom,Ghost Rider,and Blaze.


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