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Cable (Nathan Christopher Charles Summers) is a fictional character appearing in comic books published by Marvel Universe. The character first appeared as an infant in Uncanny X-Men #201 (January 1986). His adult identity of Cable, which was created by writer Louise Simonson and artist/co-writer Rob Liefeld, first appeared in The New Mutants #87 (March 1990), though he was not revealed to be the adult incarnation of the infant Nathan Summers until years later. He is the son of Scott Summers (a.k.a. Cyclops) and Madelyne Pryor, and was born in the present but was sent into a distant future where he was raised.

The character's first appearance was a cameo in The New Mutants #86 (Feb. 1990) followed by a full appearance in The New Mutants #87 (March 1990). Though the artist Rob Liefeld is responsible for his visual design, name, and much of his personality, it is claimed that Cable also got some inspiration from editor Bob Harras. Liefeld explains the creation of the character:

Cable is first seen in conflict with Stryfe's Mutant Liberation Front, the United States government, and Freedom Force. The New Mutants intervened and he asked for their help against the Mutant Liberation Front. Cable saw them as potential soldiers in his war against Stryfe. He became their new teacher and leader, and outfitted them. He came into conflict with Wolverine, noting that the two had an old feud between them. Cable and the New Mutants teamed up with Wolverine and Sunfire against the MLF. Cable also led the New Mutants against the Genosha.

With the aid of Domino, Cable reorganized the New Mutants into X-Force. The New Mutants ended with issue #100, with Cable and other characters then appearing the following month in X-Force #1. The X-Force series provided further detail for the character's back story revealing that he was from the future and that he had traveled to the past with the aim of stopping Stryfe's plans as well as preventing Apocalypse's rise to power. Cable traveled between the 1990s and his future with his ship Greymalkin, which contained a sentient computer program called Professor, the future version of the program built into X-Factor's Ship.

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